Broomezy Floor Sweeper



One of the most dreaded jobs in the workplace is sweeping the floor. Nobody likes doing it, but it has to be done. With our BroomEZY™ this dreaded job becomes an absolute breeze. Affordable and effective, there is no thought that you would continue using a broom when there is a BroomEZY™ to be had.


- Strong Polyethylene cover protects the machine from damage
- Mechanically simple, very durable and good quality
- Side brush pulls debris away from walls, kerbs etc.
- Sweeps up to six times faster than a broom
- Virtually maintenance free
- Picks up sand, grain, leaves and other small debris
- Exceptionally light making it easy to push and manoeuvre
- Will not rust, chip, dent or crack
- Large ergonomic handle with soft grip
- Large non marking wheels makes it easy to push
- Large 34L hopper
- Meets outdoor and indoor sweeping requirements
- Folding handle for easy storage
- Low noise levels means it is no problem working in noise sensitive areas
- Adjustable handle height
- Good for sweeping warehouses, factories, car parks, retail stores, malls, schools, hotels, railway stations, convention centres, automotive garages, grain receival points and office buildings.

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? 6 times faster than a normal broom
? Up to 3600 square metres per hour
? Swept up and collected in one
simple action
? Ergonomic design produces superior
results with less effort
? Large 34L Hopper
? Fully Adjustable