Texxon Ultra Blue Grease EP2



TEXXON ULTRA BLUE EP2 GREASE is an extra high performance multi-purpose grease intended for a large variety of applications. It is based on a blend of high viscosity index mineral oils, a lithium complex soap thickener, specially selected lead free extreme pressure additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors plus a tackiness agent.

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TEXXON ULTRA BLUE EP2 GREASE is the prime recommendation for use in applications where high thermal resistance is required. These include
automotive, industrial, mining, earthmoving and marine applications such as wheel bearings subjected to high temperatures and load caused by repeated and high speed braking in particular on disc brakes, chassis, high speed ball and roller bearings, pre-packed and sealed for life bearings in several heavy industries, boat trailer wheel bearings, water pumps, winches etc. and other applications requiring grease lubrication.
TEXXON ULTRA BLUE EP2 GREASE may be used where either soap based or clay based greases are recommended, particularly if rationalisation of grease types is required.
NLGI Grade - 2
Soap Type - Lithium Complex
Appearance - Blue & tacky
Penetration at 25oC -
Unworked D.217 270
Worked, 60 Strokes D.217 275
Worked, 100,000 Strokes, Change % D.217 +10
Dropping Point, oC D.2265 260+
Roll Stability, Penetration Change % D.1831 +10
Leakage, Wheel Bearing 65g -
Packed, 163oC, g D.1263 1.5
Water Washout at 80oC, % D.1264 3.5
Oil Separation 24 Hours at 25oC kPa D.1742 2
Oxidation Stability -
Pressure Drop at 100 Hour, kPa D.942 15
at 500 Hour, kPa D.942 70
Lubrication Life, Bearing No.204 -
10,000 rpm, 163oC, Hours D.3336 125
Rust Prevention Rating D.1743 Pass
Timken, OK Load, Kg D.2509 23
4-Ball Weld, Kg/f D.2596 380
4-Ball Wear Scar, mm D.2266 0.48
Mineral Oil Viscosity, cSt at 40oC D.445 190
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