Hydraulic components play a key role in powering farming and transport equipment today. Build more and better hydraulic-powered machines with reliable parts promptly delivered by Armadillo Group.

Armadillo Group is a trusted hydraulic equipment supplier, serving Australia for more than a decade now. We source our products from major parts manufacturers in the world, building a large inventory over time.

With us, you no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers for your machine build. From couplings and fittings to hoses and power packs, you can count on us for top-quality, high-performing hydraulic parts.

Also, with our large inventory of products, strong global partners and knowledgeable teams, we can supply you with hydraulic kits tailored to the machines you are building today. Just let us know your challenge and we’ll help you with what you need.

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The Armadillo Group Difference

In the same way hydraulic parts power machines, reliable parts supply lines fuel your business as an OEM. When parts arrive late or don’t fit, the production floor may come grinding to a halt, affecting your turnaround time, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Let us help bring consistency to your supply line.

Streamline operations with a single-source supplier

We partner with many hydraulic parts manufacturers across the globe. Over the years, we have built a large inventory of hydraulic equipment parts for sale, from couplings and fitting to hoses and cylinders. We can be your single-source supplier, removing the inconvenience of dealing with too many parts suppliers.  

Focus on productivity with guaranteed fit every time

We understand the cost of getting parts and components that don’t fit the first time. Not only does this affect your production time but also increases material costs as you have to pay for another set of components.

At Armadillo Group, we deliver Exactfit, a guarantee that our hydraulic kits fit right the first time. Our team will spend ample time to understand the machines you’re building; how they work and what they are for. We will also ask about your purchasing and production process. From there, we will design a hydraulic kit tailored to your machines and suited to meet your procurement requirements and production timelines.

Custom-made and ready when you need them, our hydraulic kits for sale will help increase productivity.

Cut down on excess inventory with our prompt delivery

With warehouses in Perth and Sydney, we get to deliver hydraulic equipment parts across Australia promptly. You no longer have to fill your stockroom with too many supplies, fearing that the next batch of parts and components will arrive late. Trust us to deliver the right kits and products on time, every time.

If you need a hand selecting the right hydraulic products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists.