Hydraulic Hose Kits

Hydraulic Hose Kits

Reduce your inventory and streamline your operations in Australia with hydraulic hose kits tailored to the machine you build. At Armadillo Group, we do more than simply supply products — we listen to your needs and challenges and tailor a kit that works for you and your customers. Browse through below to learn more.

Getting hoses to fit right the first time is a key part of increasing your productivity as an OEM. Here at Armadillo Group, hydraulic machinery is made easy. We have developed a three-step process to assure you receive hose kits that fit right the first time, every time:

  1. Review

We’re not like other hydraulic hose kit supplier in Australia. We actively work with you, listening to your inventory and manufacturing challenges and learning about your goals as a company.

  1. Identify

Through our constant consultation, we will find out which parts or procurement processes work well and which don’t for your operations. We then customise a package or kit for your specific machine-build.

  1. Solve

At this stage, we simplify the process for you. Our team figures out how to get all the components you need in one simple kit — and make sure everything on this package fits on your machinery perfectly.

After these steps, you’ll have your kits delivered. With multiple locations, we help minimise downtime and reduce unnecessary inventory by shipping kits right when you need them.

Have more control over your hydraulic hose supplies. Let’s talk about your requirements.


The services we provide to major OEM customers include: pre-sales and after-sales technical assistance, engineering problem solving, expertize and innovation in assembly processes, high-level logistics (including through IOT) and many others.



  • High Quality: Our products and services are developed to meet the demands or major OEM customers. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified, compliant with all safety and quality requirements. Being ISO 9001 certified means we continually want to improve our processes to serve you better.
  • Optimal Cleanliness: Cleanliness is crucial to keep any hydraulic systems working efficiently and preserving the environment pollution too. Armadillo Group provides optimal levels of cleanliness, measured and monitored according to the relevant international specification (e.g. SAE AS4059 or ISO4406). Our capabilities reach the optimal levels of cleanliness according to OEM customer needs, while our research and innovation teams continue to improve and upgrade our processes and materials to satisfy OEM customer highest demands.
  • Process Optimization: We work directly with manufacturers, ensuring continuity of availability, improving your productivity and avoiding additional costs.
  • Cost and Time Reduction: Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of your market. Your operations run more efficiently, reducing costs and saving time.


  • Tailored Solutions
  • Co-Design
  • Testing Simulation
  • Hose Assembly
  • Tube Assembly
  • Tube Bending
  • Kitting
  • Complete product range: Through our dedicated network we provide original the highest quality products available. Hydraulic Hoses | Fittings | Check Valves | Adaptors | Quick Couplings | Accessories | Complementary Products | and more!

The result of working with Armadillo Group is a combination of improvement in quality, service life, performance and delivery times. By working with a reliable partner capable of delivering all components related to the hydraulic system, the manufacturing activities for customers becomes easier, costs are reduced and processes are more efficient.