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About us

Armadillo Group is a family-owned and operated company founded in 2005. It is strategically based in Western Australia, servicing Australia and beyond. Armadillo Group started out as a specialist in the import and wholesale of Lubricants (Morris and Texxon) and Lubrication Equipment (Meclube and Graco).

It was started by Alistair and David Richardson to provide machinery operators with better lubrication solutions. The key focus at this time was to make maintenance easy!

Things progressed steadily, and in 2007 some of the existing customer base, (OEMs in particular), were becoming frustrated with existing supply lines in the hydraulics industry. One customer can be quoted saying, "Why don't you guys get into hydraulics? your customer service would go a long way!" And after receiving that advice, that was the start of a new venture into the hydraulics industry for us.

The Lubricants and Hydraulics divisions ran parallel for over a decade, and in 2017 another lubricants company showed an expression of interest in the acquisition of the lubricants division, and the acquisition was completed in 2019. This meant that Armadillo Group were entirely focused on Hydraulics for OEMs and the core focus was to provide OEMs with complete hydraulic component kits to make hydraulics easy.

“We believe our customers shouldn’t hold inventory as it may create storage and cash flow issues, so as they build a machine, we work together to create a customised hydraulic kit for that machine, and then deliver it to them when they need it”

which is encapsulated in our mantra “Fits right the first time, every time!”

In 2023 Armadillo Group was rebranded to be ‘Armadillo’, with a refreshed focus on making Hydraulics easy! Our new logo carries meaning beyond simply the symbol; it represents the tough yet flexible Armadillo with the precision hex in the core.


"Our vision is to be firmly established as Australia’s most dependable hydraulics company."

"Guided by this vision, our mission is to deliver exceptional services and products. We are dedicated to prioritising customer satisfaction, investing in hands-on, common-sense hydraulic knowledge, and fostering a workplace culture that lives by our values."


Our Values

At Armadillo, our values spell F.A.C.T.O.R, forming the backbone of our operations and culture.


  • Family First: We believe in a family-first approach, ensuring a supportive work environment that extends into the care we offer our clients.
  • Agile: Our agility in adapting to market and customer needs is evident in our customisable hydraulic solutions.
  • Communicate: Transparency and clarity in our communications build trust and ensure smooth internal and external interactions.
  • Teach and Learn: Continuous learning and knowledge sharing are pillars of our growth, both internally and with our clients.
  • Open and Honest: We pride ourselves on being transparent about our products, capabilities, and limitations.
  • Reliable: Our reliability is not just in our high-quality products but also in our service – timely delivery, responsive support, and comprehensive after-sales service.