Customer Testimonials

Our fleet has clocked a total of over 2,000,000 km on Morris Ring Free XHDS 10W/40, without having a single engine problem. The bores were tested for wear on a Fiat Ducato diesel after 285000km, and the report confi rmed there was not enough wear to measure!! We strongly recommend Morris Lubricants to anyone that’s serious about effi ciency.
Fiordland Laundry Service, Te Anau NZ

Drivers note engines run smoother and quieter.” Since purchasing Deeps Transport and fl eet we have gradually at services changed the vehicles onto Morris Lubricants Ring Free VS Plus. The original drivers of these vehicles have noticed a signifi cant difference once serviced with the Morris Oil. Adding to this, an average reduction in operating temperatures of 5°C and improved gear shift quality.
Wayne Hatton - Deeps Transport, Holbrook NSW

Amazing results through the Morris bar and chain oil in our two harvesters, reducing bar and tip wear by 40% we have experienced a signifi cant reduction in oil usage. This will result in exciting savings in future costs and down time. We would highly recommend these products to anyone in the industry.
Forest Training Centre, Albany WA

Zero pressure loss from cold to working temperatures and a noticeable 5% reduction in overall temperature. Morris Lubricants HV46 Hydraulic fl uid solved the problem of lagging track and hydraulic power and oil overheating, eliminating downtime in oil related failures.
Wayne Dawe - Ravensthorpe Bulk Haulage, Ravensthorpe WA

Reduced consumption - the Morris product has reduced oil consumption by more than 50% in our engines.
Donald Brown - DM Brown Spraying Contractors, Gnowangerup WA

Since we changed to Morris Lubricants Ring Free VS Plus, the trucks run smoother and perform better than the previous oil. It’s an improvement in performance of the engine and a reduction in the noise that the drivers have noticed when the change in lubricant occurred.
Sarge Davis - Sarge’s Bulk Haulage, Wodonga Vic

3% Increased Fuel Economy averaged over long term charter on the Esperance–Hopetoun route using Morris Ring Free VS Plus.
Redlion Bus & Coach, Esperance, Albany WA

Reductions of temperatures in differentials of 30% with Morris EP 85W/140, resulting in less friction, longer wear and improved performance. Engine oil temp dropped by 40% with the change to Morris Ring Free VS Plus.
Peter Robins - Border Express Sub Contractor, Wangaratta Vic

10% fuel economy gain since changing to Morris Ring Free Ultra 10W/40 Full Synthetic MB 228.5 (Approved). Fuel economy fi gures have improved from 2.9km/L to 3.2km/L.
Talty’s Transport, Wodonga Vic

Reduced measurable bar wear by 40% and total oil usage by 50%. We are astounded with the performance of the Morris Lubricants Chain & Bar Oil.
Blu-Chip Harvest, Albany WA

We have been using Morris Lubricants for over 5 years and have found the products to be of high quality. In this time we have not had any oil related component failures where Morris Lubricants have been used. Morris technical data sheets equal and in some cases exceed those of other, more widely known oil companies.
Warwick Aldridge - National Sales & Technical Engineer, Danfoss NZ

Routine engine maintenance inspections revealed the exceptional cleanliness since changing to Morris Lubricants. Remarkable reductions in soot and sludge, with outstanding coverage and cleanliness found in top end inspection.
OD Transport Operator, Esperance WA

With Morris Ring Free VS Plus we noticed a staggering reduction in engine temperature, from 100°C to 60°C in ambient temperatures of 40+°C. Oil consumption reduced signifi cantly, no more top up requirements during 20,000 km service intervals.
Steve Kline, Wangaratta Vic

Outstanding temperature control. When running the competitors oil in Mercedes Benz Actros 2648 and 2650 differentials, we had to change it out at 60000km as it was burnt. Since changing to Morris Lodexol Ultra Drive 80w-90 we have increased service life by 40% with no signs of burnt oil.
APH Contractors - Earthmoving Contractors, Bunbury WA